“Ultimate Sports” illustration series





This is my latest experimental project. I was trying to add speed, weight and more tense scenes on the illustrations. I liked the results, the results was much heavier than my usual ink illustrations. I felt the series looks more likely cartoon rather than still illustrations.

The reason behind of this experimental project is that I recently felt today’s modern illustrations have been shifting to still illustrations, I don’t see many illustrations online which have full of movements. I think it’s because still illustrations suit today’s flat design fashion. However I’m a typical perverse person, I wanted to create against the fashion. Hope you like them.

Eri Griffin is a professional freelance illustrator based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She specialise black & white line drawings with pen & ink style. She has been working with well known publishers and design agencies within the UK, across Europe and USA. Eri has been commissioned to draw many books, events posters, packaging, music CD albums and corporate identities.

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