Why commission Eri

6 reasons why benefitial to hire me as your illustrator!

1. Always on time

When you hire an illustrator for the first time you to work with, it is difficult to guess how reliable the illustrator will be. With me you don’t have to worry at all. The first thing I would do is grabbing the calendar and start filling schedules with you. I’ve been as an illustrator for 10 years and I’m proud that I never missed any deadlines (most cases I’m even ahead of the deadlines!) If you have a project and the deadline is really tight, don’t hesitate, feel free to start the conversation!

2. 10 years of experience

I have been working as an illustrator for 10 years. I have worked on so many projects with great clients. I worked on the book illustrations, packaging illustrations, music CD album cover illustrations, logo design, video & TV advert illustrations, branding, events and more. My clients have helped me to build experience, industry knowledge and the trends such as print technologies and digital & video technical stuff. If you are new to publish something, don’t worry, I can give you tons of information!

3. Excellent quality

I provide an excellent quality illustrations for your projects. I normally supply RGB 300dpi JPG or PNG format files, so you can forward them to your designers, printers and film makers directly. If you’d like transparent background or separated layers, no problem! All my drawings are scanned by a professional high resolution scanner, the colours and contrast are vibrant, the drawing details are super sharp.

4. I’m your brief helper

In many cases creating a perfect brief is difficult. From my experience, that’s because “I like your drawing style but I don’t know what exactly I want” situation. Don’t worry, I totally understand. I’m not only an illustrator, but also I’m your ‘Brief helper’. When the project starts, we will chat a lot. I’ll give you suggestions based on your initial brief, media and applications. More we discuss deeply, you will start visualising what the end result will look like. If so, then my brief helper part is success! You can relax and just wait for me to finish the drawings.

5. Research is the key

When we kick off the project and start a conversation, I’ll ask you a lot of questions, really a lot! Such as “Is it a scenery illustration or object drawing?” “Any historic background reality needed?” “Is it existing landscape or imaginery fantasy cityscape?” blurb blurb. All those questions are important for my research. I mainly do my research online, however I’ll visit libraries and actual locations for further researches. As results, you will always see what you wanted to see from my illustrations. It’s like I’m your private detective!

6. Fair pricing

I charge only fair price from you. I’m a member of https://theaoi.com (AOI). The AOI gives up to date pricing guidelines, I follow their guidelines to create a quote for you. My pricing is based on your project value, not hourly rate. This means if your project is small and you don’t have flexible budget, I charge you based on your project size, so the price will be smaller, or vise versa!