The illustration cost will be the first or second biggest concern for the most clients. So I thought it’s a good idea to show you some pricing tips here, you will find how carefully I estimate the fair pricing to every clients.

Your project value

Not like many other designers and illustrators, I don’t charge clients based on the hourly rate. If I apply the hourly rate, then the small budget clients cannot pay. Instead, I charge based on your project value.

If you are self-publishing a book and the quantity is only 100 copies, your project value is a lot than the major publishers. Because I charge based on the project value, I can provide the EXACTLY THE SAME QUALITY illustrations to both a small self-publishing author and the major publisher.

Fair pricing

If you are interested to get an estimate or quote from me, I’ll ask a few questions about your product. How many people or country may see your product? how much is your product? how long you are planning to sell your product? etc etc. This is a necessary process for me to make fair pricing.

My quote will include the agreed usages and number of amendments. Please don’t feel hesitated if my quote is still more than your budget. I’m always love to discuss about the cost. We can reduce the number of amendments etc then I’m sure we can meet at an agreement point.

I’m a member of Association of Illustrators, who updates their illustrators pricing survey every year. I always check their pricing guidelines before I send a quote to you, so my pricing is always up to date and fair to every clients.