Autumn Pug – Colour ink illustration



I use normal writing ink, usually I use Parker’s Quick, however unfortunately this ink is not water resistance. It means I can’t use water colour to fill illustrations.

I’ve been searching a good quality water resistance ink for long time, sadly the most major water resistance inks’ textures are quite thick, with thick ink I can’t draw very fine thin lines.
However I recently bought a quite smooth water resistance ink from Japan.

As my experiment, I decided to draw my precious little fur ball – pug girl called ‘Gyoza’. Gyoza loves autumn, she never gets bored to chase falling leaves. As the result, I still feel this water resistance ink is slightly too thick for me, but am very happy using it occasionally.

Eri Griffin is a professional freelance illustrator based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She specialise black & white line drawings with pen & ink style. She has been working with well known publishers and design agencies within the UK, across Europe and USA. Eri has been commissioned to draw many books, events posters, packaging, music CD albums and corporate identities.

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